Five for Life: Nutrition Kit

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Use the Five for Life Nutrition Kit to teach important nutritional concepts such as: food groups, daily amounts, balanced diet, energy content of foods, the role of vitamins and minerals and weight management. The Nutrition Kit includes a Nutrition Handbook, one InfoCube with a set of Nutrition InfoCube Cards and a set of Nutrition Cards. The Nutrition Handbook includes informational text about nutrition, 25 activities that integrate nutrition concepts into movement. The emphasis of these activities is to teach students that food is used for energy, growth, and health. When students understand nutritional concepts they are able to make informed decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The Nutrition Kit includes 144 laminated, colorful Nutrition Cards. Nutrition Cards contain nutrition information for a variety of foods in all food groups, oils and empty calories/fats/sweets.

Also included in the Nutrition Kit is one InfoCube with 40 cards to teach nutrition concepts including food groups, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.


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