WELNET Features and Benefits

Utilizing WELNET helps improve health and wellness.  WELNET offers a one-stop solution to gathering, storing and retrieving longitudinal and current fitness and health data in a simple, internet-based approach.  WELNET includes measurement recording tools that allow assessment of fitness levels and encourages improvements via periodic self-evaluation and goal setting.  It helps to fight the obesity epidemic by improving awareness of how personal behaviors and lifestyle choices impact current and future health while improving fitness literacy. 

Because we host the servers and WELNET is internet-based, you are always using the current, up-to-date version of the software.  There is no hardware or software to replace and upgrade every few years.

  • Web-based software allows users to input fitness and health data at any workstation with internet capabilities

  • Application allows for a coordinated school fitness and health approach between administrators, physical educators, health educators, classroom teachers, nurses and parents

  • Application allows for customization

  • Password protected login to ensure safety of data

  • Uses a secure connection between the WELNET server and your browser (256 bit encryption)

  • Automatic calculation of BMI, fat free mass and healthy ranges for blood pressure

  • One-step process for data extraction

  • No installation required at your site- no computer to server to purchase or software versions to install and maintain

  • Free App available from the App store for Apple products

  • Firewall-protected

  • Live support available for technical issues by phone or email - No additional IT support staff necessary

  • Auto updates of class rosters with interface from student information system

  • Privacy Policy protects data through security measures and limiting access to authorized users

  • Data security ensured to meet Helath Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ( FERPA), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and  Children's Internet Protection Act  (CIPA)

Hardware requirements:

  • Desktop, laptop or notebook computer with internet access

  • Web browsers ( Windows: Internet Explorer or Firefox, Chrome, Mac: Safari)

  •  Printer

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