We are pleased to offer School Districts, Schools and Teachers WELNET® Texas Assessment Software.


WELNET Texas - Assessment Software (Includes Fitness,  Behavior Logs, Assessments, Rubrics  and Video Modules). The initial fee includes 1 year of hosting, yearly or more frequent uploads of student data, hosting and backup, and all enhancements to current modules; Fitness, Behavior Logs, Assessments, Rubrics and Video Library and unlimited technical support to set up software.


Cost per site: $342.35 (i.e. 1 school = $342.35, 3 schools = $1,027.05 ((3 X $342.35 = $1,027.05))


Discount: 80% off MSRP


DIR Customer Price: $342.35 per site


Focused Fitness is an exclusive Order Fulfillers of WELNET® Texas Assessment Software


Contact Information:


Focused Fitness
Jim Strenger
P: 832-242-4151
E: jim@focusedfitness.org

Ron Malm
P: 509-327-3181 X 101
E: ron@focusedfitness.org


To obtain a quote or placing a purchase order: Please call or email Jim Strenger or Ron Malm for all your WELNET® Texas Assessment Software needs.
*Purchase Orders must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4714.


Warranty: WELNET® Texas Assessment Software complies with all applicable laws in the performance of its obligations, in particular with any federal and state rules regarding student records, privacy, and the commercial use of student information, including but not limited to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996; and will not conflict with or violate any provision of law, rule or regulation.


Return Policy: If for any reason during the first year of service, WELNET® Texas Assessment Software does not meet the needs of the school district, school and/or teacher, a full refund will be issued to the customer.




DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-4714 -https://dir.texas.gov/cooperative-contracts?id=41


Link to DIR: https://dir.texas.gov/contracts/dir-cpo-4714