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Physical Education is evolving. Gone are the days where Physical Education teachers roll out a ball or simply engage kids in playground activities. Instead, Physical Education has become the mechanism schools must use to teach children and young adults about health and fitness, so by the time they leave school, they have a better understanding for what it means to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Like math and reading, students should enter the world with the skills to build their own fitness plan. This transformation can only occur with the appropriate instruction, where activity time is not sacrificed for academic content.

Focused Fitness® has been leading this campaign since 2002, when a group of Physical Educators banded together to change the dynamics of Physical Education by creating a Physical Education Curriculum that would teach fitness and health concepts without sacrificing movement or activity. The product of their efforts is the FIVE FOR LIFE PROGRAM®, an articulated K-12 Health and Fitness program that links activity, exercise, health, fitness, fun, personal achievement and a general sense of well being together to provide everyone with the opportunity for success.

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