FAB 5®: Early Learner Fitness (ELF)

FAB 5®: Early Learner Fitness (ELF) blends together academics and physical activity into a program that is designed to educate the whole child -- body and mind.

Using planned and coordinated lessons, emerging learners (PK-2) begin to comprehend health habits, fitness concepts, and nutrition content as well as academic skills in literacy and math while engaging in fun activities, intentional fitness and motor skill development.

The language, vocabulary and activities in the FAB 5®: ELF Program are designed to close development gaps by enhancing whole-brain learning and accessing specific parts of the brain.

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Sample Activity #1 - Crossing the Midline
Sample Activity #2 - Sight Word Circles

Program Features

The FAB 5®: ELF Program teaches fundamental literacy concepts to emerging learners through movement. This comprehensive program includes:

  • Detailed, sequential lessons
  • A year-long program adaptable to meet building and program needs
  • Pre-assessments, Mid-program assessments and Post-assessments to measure and document progress
  • Articulated goals and essential questions for each unit
  • Detailed lessons culminating with student assessments, all tied to unit goals and lesson objectives
  • Cross-curricular collaboration opportunity
  • Aligned with IRA/NCTE Literacy Standards and NCTM Math Standards in addition to SHAPE Standards
  • Diagrams and pictures accompany activities and games
  • Detailed equipment lists for each lesson and activity
  • “ I Can” Statements written for each activity in student friendly language
  • Variations and teaching tips included to modify activities as necessary
  • A Resource CD containing additional teaching materials and manipulatives

FAB 5®: Early Learner Fitness

Early Learner Fitness (ELF) teach and reinforce fundamental literacy skills combined with fitness and health concepts to students in grades PK-2. Program includes a manual and resource CD. The manual includes four comprehensive units and an addition section for assessments. The Resource CD includes printable materials needed for teachers to implement the lessons.

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FAB 5®: Early Learner Fitness (eCurriculum)

The Early Learner Fitness program is available in an electronic format through WELNET, our internet-based software. This version includes searchable index and all documents on the Resource CD.

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