FAB 5®: PEACE Program

(Physical Education Activity-based Character Education Program)

Welcome to the FAB 5® PEACE Program!  This curriculum enables counselors, classroom, health and PE teachers to teach their students social and emotional concepts creatively and effectively. The activity-oriented lessons will keep students moving and improving their fitness while mastering the knowledge and skills they need to be socially and emotionally fit for life!

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Sample Activity - Express Yourself
Sample Activity - Emotional Scramble

Program Features

The FAB 5 PEACE Program teaches the principles of emotion recognition and conflict resolution through multiple learning styles.

This comprehensive program includes:

  • Six articulated modules with ten lessons
  • Lessons include:
    • Identifying emotions
    • Recognizing emotions
    • Recognizing facial and body cues
    • Comparing emotions
    • Translating self-talk
    • Responding to emotions
    • Understanding trigger events
    • Coping with emotions
  • Integration of content and movement
  • Structured lessons with activities for warm-up/introduction, a lesson focus, and a wrap-up/cool-down
  • Detailed module guidelines and lesson plans
  • Student content introductions written in age-appropriate language
  • Articulated goals and objectives
  • Essential vocabulary terms and definitions
  • Detailed equipment lists for each lesson and activity
  • Formative assessments aligned with content and learning objectives
  • Subject integration (creative arts, math, reading, science and writing)
  • Exact diagrams that accompany activities and games
  • Easy-to-use format for all lessons and activities
  • Fun, modified games that provide students of all abilities opportunities to participate

Students will love learning social and emotional concepts through activities! They will leave the classroom or gym prepared with the knowledge and skills they need to make better choices about the emotions they feel.



FAB 5® PEACE Program

The FAB 5® Physical Education Activity-based Character Education Program (PEACE) teaches the Eight Basic Emotions through activity-oriented lessons. The program was designed to be delivered by counselors, classroom teachers, and/or Physical Education teachers. PEACE includes eight modules and ten lessons and a Resource CD for reproduceable items and teacher resources.

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FAB 5® PEACE Program (eCurriculum)

The PEACE Program is available in an electronic format through WELNET, our internet-based software. This version includes searchable index and all documents on the Resource CD.

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